A Place In History

The Latch Inn and Restaurant, on Harbour Road in Sidney, is steeped in history and a glamourous past. In 1925, the Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, Walter C. Nichol, commissioned famous architect Samuel Maclure to build him a summer home on a piece of forested property on the Saanich peninsula. The residence, completed in 1926 and coined ‘Miraloma’, was a brilliant confluence of the environment and artistic design. Even today, it oozes an old-world elegance and charm. Once the playground for the upper crust, it hosted sumptuous garden parties and welcomed visits from dignitaries and royalty. Edward, the Prince of Wales, and his brother George enjoyed the classy and comfortable accommodation in a state tour of British Columbia in 1927. In the 1940s, it became known as ‘The Latch’, reflecting the fact that every door in the house is opened with a latch and iron key.

A Return To Elegance

The new owners and their staff took on a mission to restore the grand dame to her former glory. Their goal was to beautify the establishment and the grounds and restore them to their former integrity and beauty, with a modern twist. And they succeeded!

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Renovation & Reclamation

The team worked day and night to transform their grand ‘country mansion’ into a rural masterpiece. Updates and improvements include complete beautification of the lawns, flower beds, and bushes; new stylish beds and frames; new mattresses and box-springs on all the beds; new linen, towels, bedding, mattress covers, and bed covers; new paintings and pillows; new kitchen equipment; all suites redecorated to period with new furniture, lamps and chandeliers; new refrigeration equipment; new patio furniture; bringing the old wood flooring – still in perfect condition – back to life; and painting the doors and trim the original colour.

The Latch Figurines

The Latch Inn was built with many delightful eccentricities and oddities embedded in its unique design. For instance, intriguing ornamental carvings lead down from the Main Hall to the Dining Room: an austere little bulldog squats on the single newel post at the bottom of the stairs, and a monkey and an owl sit on two pillars at the top. Depending on which country a person hails from, the animals signify unique attributes. In China, for example, all these animals are portents of good luck. The monkey is a symbol of cleverness; the owl embodies positive and active energy; and the dog is considered to be a lucky animal because it indicates that fortune is coming. Our wishes to all our guests are good fortune, happiness, and a bright future.