Every Room Tells A Unique Story


The Miraloma Room is our finest accommodation, named after the original summer residence for the first owner of The Latch, Lieutenant-Governor W.C.Nichols. Pamper yourself or the love of your life in divine indulgences in our deluxe luxury suite, with a king-size bed, fireplace, and private wrap-around balcony. After a romantic night sipping champagne on the balcony, wake up to a view of a marina, an aqua ocean and sparkling sky. Enjoy free wireless internet, TV and bath or shower. Accommodates two.

Governor’s Room

Just dream of being surrounded by the same opulence as the day the Latch was built –  beautiful wood panelling and ornate, polished, and classy furniture. Picture a room fit for royalty and dignitaries, and a past Lieutenant-Governor of our province – ergo the name. Feel the warm comfort of a soft love-seat overlooking a luminous and colourful country garden. Imagine ocean views that take your breath away. Relish the amenities galore: Queen-sized bed, sofa bed, free wireless internet, TV and bath or shower. Accommodates two.

Maclure Suite

The inspiration for the name of this charming room was the brilliant architect, Samuel Maclure, who designed our beloved Latch mansion. It is a luxurious private corner suite with views of a picturesque marina and flowing blue water dappled with sunshine. On both sides of the headboard of the King-sized bed are extraordinary wood panels, each one an artistic masterpiece done with a skilled painter’s hand. Guests are treated to free wireless internet, TV, bath, shower, garden views and a pull-out sofa. Accommodates two.

Lady Byng Suite

This room at our mansion is dedicated to Lady Byng, the wife of Lord Byng, the 12th Governor General of Canada from 1921–1926. Guests will be delighted by a tastefully decorated room with period pieces. The gleaming white bed frame designed with artistic flourishes and a white wicker bedside table give the room an aura of elegant refinement. With breath-taking marina views, your time here will be unforgettable. Savour all the niceties of a premium-quality experience: garden views, free wireless internet, TV and bath or shower. Accommodates two.

W.C. Nichols Suite

Here, there is a sense of timelessness, as you are transported back to The Latch’s fascinating past. The suite’s namesake, Lieutenant-Governor W.C.Nichols, was the original owner of the grand mansion. His legacy and those glamourous times live on in this room. The suite looks like a museum of fine art – the Queen-sized bed rests against a wall with spectacular large wood panels painted in vivid colourful forest designs. It is a corner-suite hideaway, a serene and magical oasis. Everything you need is under one elegant roof: garden views, free wireless internet, TV, and bath or shower. Accommodates two.